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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Duplicate Issues

Duplicate issues of magazines have always been an annoyance. However, they are even more so now due to publisher automation and format changes. Previously, publishers requested the customer’s “ship to” address using a four line format. Recently, however many publishers are now using a variety of line amount formats resulting in duplicate issues. We apologize for the frustration this may cause our clients. As our valued customer, please be assured that while no additional expense is incurred with duplicate subscriptions, we will do everything it takes to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Subscription Terms

We process 1-year subscriptions for almost all publishers.

Due to the highly computerized nature of the publishers’ operations, they have great difficulty processing and pricing odd term subscriptions. Upon request, we may separate a list of those titles that we will be happy to process to the publishers at a later time in the year from your main list. This will alleviate the trouble of titles that are not on a common expiration date with your other subscriptions. We will do all of the work and worry for you!

Some publishers will also accept 2- and 3-year subscriptions.

Rate Changes

At Popular Subscription Service (PSS), we do our very best to provide the most current prices to our customers. Please note however that since the periodicals are a product of the actual publishers, prices are subject to change and are at the sole discretion and control of the publisher.

To ensure the most up to-date pricing structure and savings information please provide us with your periodical list and we will provide a competitive bid for your side by side comparison!

New Titles

PSS processes and handles thousands of additional titles which may not be provided in this catalog or website. Should a desired title not be listed, simply let us know and we will make sure you receive the best price available!

Common Problems

On occasion, problems may arise with your magazine subscriptions. These errors can be the result of a technical problems encountered during the publisher’s automated-electronic operations. There is also a possibility of check and/or orders lost in the mail or misplaced by the publisher. We ask you to please notify us as soon as possible when you have a problem with your subscription so that we may do the necessary research and quickly correct the situation.

Cancellation of Subscriptions

Should your organization request cancellation of a subscription, please note that each publisher’s cancellation terms will vary. In general, subscriptions must be cancelled within the first 6 weeks of placing the order, Again reimbursement, if any is at the sole discretion and control of each respective publisher.

Discontinued Publications

Occasionally a periodical is discontinued. Since we have paid the publisher in advance for your subscription, it is the obligation of the publisher to reimburse you for the remainder of your subscription or offer a substitute.

Sometimes, the publisher will make arrangements for the remainder of your subscription to be fulfilled by another title of similar nature. In case of publisher bankruptcies, there is unfortunately no restitution.

When to Claim

A Good Rule of Thumb for claiming is:

  • Weekly publications – by the end of the week of cover date: Time magazine issue October 1 – claim by
    October 8
  • Monthly publications - by the middle of the month’s issue date: October issue – claim by
    October 15
  • Bi-monthly publications-- by the end of the first month of the cover date. : October 1 issue – claim by
    October 15

Issue Loss/Damaged Issues

Due to circumstances beyond our control, you may occasionally have a gap in service or receive a damaged issue.

If you have either of these problems, please notify us as soon as possible so we can contact the publisher to help rectify the situation.>

Please note, it may not always be possible to obtain the back issue requested due to the fact that it is no longer available. In such cases, we will ask the publisher to extend your subscription to compensate for the missing/damaged issue.

In some cases, it may appear that an issue is missing when in actuality the magazine has changed its frequency or title name. Please notify us with any questions or concerns and we will clarify the situation as quickly as possible.

Resolving Duplicate Issues

Due to multiple and rapid changes in technology, many publishers process a variety of address line formats resulting in duplicate issues. Also since the publishers’ labeling services are highly automated, the slightest difference in the renewal address from the current subscription on file, a new account may be created.

  • While we understand that duplicate issues may be quite annoying, please be assured that no additional expense is incurred by the subscribing institution.
  • To resolve duplicate issues, please contact us to provide the magazine name, account number and the expiration date that is located on your magazine mailing address label

We prefer this information to be called in, scanned and emailed/or the labels sent to us via regular mail. Please do not fax the entire magazine cover to us as this becomes quite costly and wasteful of fax resources and time.

  • We will then notify the publisher who will then combine the duplicates and extend your subscription date to the appropriate length.
  • As the publishers’ process mailing labels months in advance, you may continue to receive duplicates for the next 2-3 months. Again the extra magazines will not affect your subscription and you do not incur any additional expense.
  • Once you start receiving only one magazine, double-check your expiration date to ensure its accuracy.

Digital Subscriptions

Please place a claim or contact us should you have any customer service needs with regard to your digital subscriptions.

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